Lantmännen Agro, for better agricultural trade

Our customers include agricultural entrepreneurs, machinery contractors, and equestrian professionals and enthusiasts. We offer better agricultural trade with expertise. From us, our customers get sustainable solutions that we provide with our local partners.

The operations of a store are managed by a retailer as a local entrepreneur. The retailer understands the particular needs of customers in the area and the local production conditions. Our qualified sales staff are responsible for the customer and farm specific service at the agricultural stores throughout the country. There are 66 Lantmännen Agro outlets. We bring you the best solutions, leading products and services in the sector.

Lantmännen Agro is a responsible agricultural trade operator. Achieving trust and keeping promises are absolutely essential to us. Tested production programmes make ready-to-use solutions available to you. We offer combinations of tested products from the best operators to meet the needs of your farm. Cultivation programmes give you complete recipes for environmentally smart production. Less worries, better agriculture also tomorrow. Let’s keep the countryside alive together.

We offer customers total solutions:

  • Cultivation programmes offer complete crop production solutions based on research, testing and solutions that have proved to be the best. We enhance the profitability of appropriate cultivation.

  • The livestock farm programme offers livestock farms a total solution of products and services. We make everyday choices at the livestock farm easier – all accessories for feeding, grazing, hygiene and wellbeing, as well as feed preparation as a seamless whole.

  • The Machinery Business model offers implements and equipment according to the farm’s needs and a related total solution. We take care of the different stages of the machinery life cycles; selling a new one, providing equipment, operator training, maintenance and spare part deliveries. Selling the customer’s used machine is part of the total solution.

  • In the grain trade, we act as the farmer’s sales channel. We find the best and optimum marketplace for the farmer’s crop either in Finland or through export. Our cultivation contracts provide several different alternatives for marketing the crop.

We place a special emphasis on professional qualifications and research work to guarantee the best know-how. The scientific research and testing activities of the Lantmännen Agro Experimental Farm are a responsible and unique investment within the Finnish food chain. Thereby we produce new knowledge and find efficient solutions for practical cultivation.

We test the solutions of the Lantmännen Agro Cultivation Programme on our experimental farm, which operates in compliance with the official international GEP standard. In agriculture, we are committed to introducing new solutions for agricultural entrepreneurs aiming at an appropriate improvement of sustainable productivity.

The Lantmännen Agro chain’s supplier relationships are based on trust and a long-established developing cooperation. We purchase a large part of our products directly and cost-efficiently from suppliers without any intermediaries. Our aim is to offer products that best suit the demanding Finnish conditions and the best total service in the agricultural trade.

We keep in touch with customers through several different channels. The customer chooses the channel which is most suitable for him/her, either personally face to face with a sales assistant, by phone, at the store or on the internet. In the supply chain, our aim is to use direct farm deliveries, but seasonal products are immediately available direct from the store’s warehouse.

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